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Wu-Tang Clan’s One-of-a-Kind Album May Be Released in 88 Years

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

If you’re a big Wu-Tang Clan fan, maybe it’s time to start eating better? Have a salad, go for a jog, maybe cut down on the drinking a bit? You’re going to want to be healthy and alive in 88 years if you want to hear the Clan’s fabled one-of-a-kind albumOnce Upon a Time in Shaolin. Only one copy of the 31-track album, recorded at the Clan’s Staten Island home, exists in the entire world, and the only remaining copy is intended to be displayed in a musuem, perhaps never to be heard… in this lifetime, maybe.

Forbes is reporting that the buyer of the album, which is now being offered as private sale overseen by Paddle 8 (the same company that auctioned Kurt Cobain’s credit card), will have the rights to release it commercially in 88 years. “We felt that retail commercialization and mass replication would dilute the status of the album as a one-off work of art and compromise the integrity of our statement,” producer Cilvaringz explained on the auction site. Waiting 88 years, one for every member of Wu-Tang Clan’s initial roster, is enough to make an artistic statement, it would seem. So hang in there, only 88 years to go!