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The Teen Age Express Adolescent Malaise in ‘Low Cunning’

The new single follows last year's 'Ways To Adapt' EP

The Teen Age’s new single fittingly reeks of adolescent angst and rebellion — in a good way. In “Low Cunning,” the Brooklyn band show off a blend of lo-fi punk, sounding similar to the Black Lips with a bit more influence from ’50s rock n’ roll. Growling lead vocals drone, “I got hit by a train and there’s blood soaked in my clothes / And now I can’t go to sleep because I did too much Adderall,” over a hyper fuzz of electric riffs and percussive scruff. Despite those cloying millennial Holden Caulfield-isms, the Teen Age have delivered a well-crafted and addictive track – a contagious paradox.

Check it out below, and find the digital single on April 7, courtesy of Old Flame Records.