Slint’s David Pajo Opens Up About Surviving His Suicide Attempt

Slint, David Pajo, Suicide
(Photo by Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

A little more than a month after David Pajo survived a suicide attempt, the Slint guitarist has opened up about his recovery. In an interview with The Thin AirPajo said he is doing well, and was touched by all the support that he received from fans and people who had also struggled with mental-health issues. “Honestly, there was such a massive outpouring of love and support by making my heart public that there was no way to avoid being empowered by it all,” adding that he got “thousands of emails and messages from friends and strangers.” Pajo talked about the importance of being open when it comes to depression, saying:

“I believe depression and suicide should not be taboo. The media often talks about cancer, AIDS, and other terminal illnesses but depression and suicide rarely get any attention unless it’s unusual or a celebrity. We don’t talk about it amongst friends – we think it’s too morbid. But I’ve known more people who have died from suicide than any other illness. In my world, it’s a bigger problem than cancer. Yet it’s never talked about.”

Pajo also said that his “urge to make music is slowly returning,” and that he hopes to play again when the time and circumstances are right. Read the full interview on The Thin Air.


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