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Salt-n-Pepa ‘Push It’ Real Good on ‘American Idol’

Salt-n-Pepa, American Idol

For a song that’s nearly 30 years old, Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” is having a pretty solid year-plus: Interpolated in Future’s all-star hip-hop smash “Move That Dope,” featured in GEICO’s surreal “It’s What You Do” commercial series, and now performed live on American Idol‘s ’80s week. It’s a very solid performance, as the ladies have lost little of their energy or coordination in the last three decades, and the song is about as aging-proof as any pop-rap jam of its era, but one very obvious complaint: Where the hell is DJ Spinderella? They could get her on the decks for that ridiculous commercial, but she’s nowhere to be found on the Idol stage? Laaaaame.

Watch the performance of the iconic hit above. Nice Culture Club shirt, Harry.

(h/t Rap-Up)