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Run the Jewels Assaulted While Performing at South By Southwest

Killer Mike, El-P, Killer Mike

As far as bad ideas to have at a concert go, attempting to beat up Killer Mike has to be one of the worst ones. And yet, someone got onstage at Run the Jewels’ Austin show yesterday and made a beeline for El-P (or possibly his mic) before Killer Mike intercepted him. The intruder threw a punch and tried to chase after El-P, but Killer Mike and the security team came after him — hard. He was quickly surrounded and subdued after getting punched in the head and knocked to the ground. After a brief break, the duo returned to the stage.

“We have no idea what that was,” El-P said according to a tweet from a fan in the crowd. “That was a FUCKBOY!,” Killer Mike responded, starting an enthusiastic “fuckboy” chant. “I stand corrected,” said El-P. The entire ordeal was documented with Instagram videos that you can view below. If you’re in Austin, check out Run the Jewels at SPIN’s Stubbs SXSW 2015 party March 20. Hopefully no punches will be thrown.


Go to sleep trying to Run Them Jewels! #SXSW #RunTheJewels #CashThat #SpotifyHouse

A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on Mar 16, 2015 at 3:45pm PDT


#killermike then starts a fuck boy chant. #runthejewels #fuckboy #spotifyhouse #sxsw

A video posted by Ida (@i.da_) on Mar 16, 2015 at 4:31pm PDT