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PILE Spurn Responsibility in ‘Rock and Roll Forever With The Customer In Mind’ Video

They're not gonna take it.

If you ever stopped to wonder whether or not Boston punks PILE gave any fucks, well… they probably don’t. In their new video for “Rock and Roll Forever With the Customer in Mind” (taken from their recent LP, You’re Better Than This), bassist Matt Connery plays “American Badass” — aka a green-and-black-haired, leather-wearing punk kid whose attendance SUCKS, according to his high school principal. Opening as a sort of visual homage to the Ramones’  “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School,” or Twisted Sister’s classic nonconformist anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” the super-short, mega-“what in the actual hell?” clip (directed by Ethan Long and Adric Giles) instead teeters off course into a collision of Willy Wonka-in-the-psychedelic-chocolate-tunnel imagery.

Check it above, if the whole “rules” thing isn’t really your jam.

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