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Passion Pit Get Pushed Around in a Club in ‘Lifted Up (1985)’ Video

Passion Pit, Lifted Up (1985)

Passion Pit’s new video for “Lifted Up (1985),” the lead single off of their forthcoming Kindred album, shows frontman Michael Angelakos in a sea of people at a crowded club. And, as normally happens at a crowded club, he’s unintentionally and unthinkingly shoved around a lot. The camera mostly follows Angelakos amid flashing lights and occasional glow sticks as he tries to navigate through the mass of bodies, and like a lot of Passion Pit’s work, it hints at euphoria while also touching upon serious issues like anxiety, self-doubt, and mental health. There’s likely a deeper read to be had, but at the very least, the “Lifted Up (1985)” video makes a compelling argument that clubs are just the worst. Watch it above, and look for Kindred on April 21.