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M.I.A. Returns With Rubbery, Romantic ‘Can See Can Do’

M.I.A. CanSeeCanDo Standalone Single Stream

On Twitter this morning, M.I.A. returned from her post-Matangi slumber with news of a new track called “All My People,” but she eventually decided that she’d rather release another track called “Can See Can Do,” which hit Soundcloud shortly thereafter. As she dropped the brittle synth-banger, she told her “hardcore fans” to “hang in there, summer is coming,” and the track is nothing if not a reminder of the warmer months to come. It’s a surprisingly heartwarming single from the pop provocateur, featuring lyrics about looking to the past to build a better future. But this being Maya, she of course manages to get in a few bars about drones in the midst of the whole thing. And if you’re not cool with that, well, she has a message for you on the song’s Soundcloud description.

“NO MY BEATS ARE NOT BETTER WITHOUT MY POLITICX,” she writes. Listen to the song in full below.