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Mastodon Prepare for Winter on the ‘Game of Thrones’ Mixtape Cut ‘White Walker’

White Walker, Mastodon, Game of Thrones mixtape

It may be getting warmer, but make no mistake — winter is coming. The heavy metal band Mastodon, apparently recording in their Winterfell studio, contributed a track to the upcoming Game of Thrones mixtape, Catch the Throne Vol. 2. “White Walkers” is fittingly ominous, given that it’s about the horrifying creatures looming behind The Wall, ready to overtake all of Westeros. The song, which you can hear below, samples music and sound effects from the HBO show (it opens with a certain crying baby from last season). Pick up the second GoT mixtape March 17, and hope that it’ll tide you over until the new season premieres on April 12.