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Martin Garrix Has Two (Equally Charming) Videos for His Usher-Featuring ‘Don’t Look Down’

Martin Garrix

Electronic wunderkind Martin Garrix has shot two new videos for the same song — “Don’t Look Down,” featuring vocals from Usher — featuring male and female perspectives on the same “he/she’s out of my league, but I’ll go for it anyway” situation. Shot at what appears to be a very ’80s-influenced country club called “Le Garritsen,” the Petros-directed clip(s) have two adorable nerds (Towel Boy, played by Balthazar Getty, and Towel Girl, played by Michele Huang) eyeing two very attractive club members (model Natalia Bonifacci and actor AJ Knight). A cologne spritz here, and a borrowed locker room outfit there, and the Towel People are made over and ready to claim their upper-crust prizes. See how it all plays out above and below.