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Justin Bieber and Madonna Played ‘Never Have I Ever’ on ‘Ellen’

Madonna, Bieber, Ellen

Justin Bieber, fresh off the taping of a very likely brutal Comedy Central Roast, stopped by his buddy Ellen Degeneres’ show to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Madonna. As you might’ve guessed they have more often than they have not.

Madonna’s first instinct was to ask if they could use the paddles to spank one another, but Degeneres avoided turning her studio set into a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey and started asking questions: Have you ever made out in a bathroom? Have you ever had phone sex? Have you ever dated siblings?

Bieber tried to claim that he had never gotten kicked out of a bar (“I just turned 21!”), but Degeneres didn’t buy it. Decide for yourself after watching the segment above.