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HAIM Shoot ‘Holes in the Sky’ With M83 on New ‘Insurgent’ Soundtrack Cut


On HAIM and M83’s new joint single, “Holes in the Sky” — which comes from the upcoming soundtrack for the film Insurgent — both acts work dramatic, orchestral magic together as they swirl their melodies together. There are drums, quivering strings, anthemic singing (“Hands to the sky / I am a dreamer”), and an altogether strikingly demure take on cinematic exposition.

The past few months have seen some important cosigns for the Haim sisters, including Calvin Harris (who included them on the Motion track “Pray to God”), Taylor Swift (who’s bringing her buddies on the 1989 tour this summer), and now M83. Listen to “Holes in the Sky” at MTV and see Insurgent on March 20.