Four Reportedly Shot at Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion

lil wayne

Update: The Miami Beach Police Department is now saying that there is no indication that any shots were fired. In a tweet from the official MBPD Twitter Account, the department suggested that swatting — faking an incident to get police to show up to somebody’s home — was a possibility. In any case, Lil Wayne was not home when the incident it alleged to have taken place, according to Young MoneySPIN will update this story as warranted. 

Update #2: The Miami Beach Police Department has confirmed that there were no shots fried at Lil Wayne’s house. The 911 call appears to have been a prank. Weezy confirms:

According to TMZ, four people have been shot following gunfire at Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion. Reports claim that “an individual called 911 and said he shot 4 people [and] the SWAT team has been called out.” The celebrity gossip site confirmed that the Young Money rapper was not on the scene at the time of the altercation on La Gorce Island.


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