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Lil B Lectures on Identity and Ambition at Carnegie Mellon

Lil B, Carnegie Mellon

The Based God descended unto Carnagie Mellon University on Sunday to give another one of his famed lectures to the assembled students. Lil B began his lecture with a piece on identity after correcting himself after initially calling the assembled students “you guys.” The rapper and motivational speaker quickly amended his greeting to include women and anyone who didn’t fit within the gender binary. “You are what you choose to identify with,” he said. “You have the choice. A mouse raised by pigeons.” Later in the lecture, he spoke of change and acceptance, noting that several symbols once associated with hate have become beloved symbols of hope.

Lil B also spoke to the importance of ambition while still finding time to think and reflect. His mantra for the Carnagie Mellon students was “Goals. Dedication. Meditation.” Watch the entire lecture above.