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Grimes Releases ‘REALiTi’ Video From the Album She Scrapped Last Year


In her video for the new song “REALiTi” — a track she claims was recorded in early 2013 and will not appear on the follow-up to her stellar 2012 LP Visions — Grimes dances and thrashes her way around a lily pond, a flight of stairs, and various cityscapes across Asia. In her own words:

This song was never finished. its a demo from ~ the lost album ~, recorded early 2013. i lost the ableton file, so its not mixed or mastered. i tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so its a bit of a mess haha. 

“REALiTi” sonically works on the same level as “Go,” a rejected Rihanna demo that the electropop producer released last summer, with their Big Pop Ideas and structurally more accessible melodies and lyricism. Though there’s no word on when — if at all — Grimes’ album is to be expected, watch her new video above to help the time pass more quickly.