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George Ezra Croons and The Rock Sings About Viagra on ‘Saturday Night Live’

George Ezra SNL The Rock Franchise

After a couple weeks off, Saturday Night Live returned this week with Dwayne Johnson hosting for the fourth time and a musical performance from British newcomer George Ezra. The crooner performed his slide guitar laden hit “Blame It On Me” and the clear-eyed “Budapest.” He comes off mostly in the vein mid-2000s English folkies like Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling, but with a little bit of spacey U2-indebted guitar work for good measure. That said, the real musical highlight of the night came during the Rock’s opening monologue when he addressed the idea that he was “franchise Viagra,” a figure capable of rehabilitating any film sequel. So over a classic R&B beat, he pitches a handful of nonsensical sequels, including Zero Dark Thirty-One (wherein he’d kill the ghost of Osama Bin Laden). You can check that out below alongside one of Ezra’s performances.