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Vinyl Reissue of No. 2’s ‘No Memory’ Will Feature Rare Elliott Smith Demos

Elliot Smith

When Heatmiser broke up in 1996, Elliott Smith and Neil Gust went their separate ways, with Gust going on to start another band, No. 2. But now, No. 2’s out-of-print 1999 debut album No Memory is getting a vinyl release for the first time for Record Store Day, and it’ll include four, never-before-heard demos Smith recorded at his home. Check out a trailer for the limited 1,5000 copy release above, which comes out April 18, and see the track list below.

No Memory track list:

1. “Critical Mass” 
2. “Never Felt Better” 
3. “Move it Along” 
4. “So Long” 
5. “Just Answer the Man” 
6. “Pop in C”
7. “Practicing Your Moves” 
8. “Pop in a Minor” 
9. “Nobody’s Satisfied” 
10. “Parting Kiss” 
11. “Allistair Chestnut” (Harmony Mix) [Bonus track] 
12. “Powder Blue” [Bonus track] 
13. “Run Through” [Bonus track]
14. “Little Face” [Bonus track] 
15. “Critical Mass Demo” [Bonus track] 
16. “Never Felt Better Demo” [Bonus track] 
17. “Practicing Your Moves Demo” [Bonus track] 
18. “Parting Kiss Demo” [Bonus track]