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Watch Newly Leaked Rehearsal Footage of Britney Spears’ Infamous 2007 VMA Performance

The "Gimme More" singer shows off tighter moves and more focused lip-synching

Close your eyes and think back to 2007, when Britney Spears had gone through public meltdown after public meltdown, only to top the unfortunate year off with a disastrous performance of her Blackout hit “Gimme More” at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards. For years, diehard Britney fans have claimed there existed footage — never before seen, but real nonetheless — of the pop star’s VMA rehearsal, during which she showed off more fluid choreography and visible signs of vibrancy in her performance.

Tonight, after several weeks of leaked Instagram snippets and stills, Britney Spears’ full rehearsal footage of her now infamous “Gimme More” rendition has hit the web. Watch it above and compare it with the Britney Jean diva’s actual, televised performance here.