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Bleachers Load Up on Synths and Auto-Tune for Cover of the Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’


Say this for Jack Antonoff: Most Beatles covers struggle with the notion of doing anything new or interesting with their renditions for fear of besmirching one of the greatest catalogs in the history of recorded music, but that is certainly not an issue here. Recording under his Bleachers pseudonym, the Fun. sideman recently posted his version of the White Album classic “Dear Prudence” to his SoundCloud, mostly replicating the song’s distinctive chiming guitar riff, but drowning it in more auto-tuned vocals and Grimes-like synths than John Lennon (or Siouxsie Sioux, for that matter) could ever have dreamed.

Probably not a contender for our 2015 Samples, Covers and References list, but as a tossed-off mid-tour-thank-you cover, it’s definitely not lacking for originality. Listen below.