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Billy Corgan Says His Name Is ‘William,’ Not ‘Billy,’ Thank You Very Much

Billy Corgan

Sometimes William Patrick Corgan Jr. — better known as Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins — doesn’t want to be called “Billy.” During a concert in Lima, Peru, on Billy Corgan’s 48th birthday on Wednesday, the crowd attempted to sing “Happy Birthday” to Billy Corgan. “My name is not ‘Billy,'” Billy Corgan corrected them. “My name is William.” After the fans dutifully began to chant Billy Corgan’s proper name, he graciously said, “My mother thanks you, in Heaven.” While it’s all well and good for Billy Corgan to determine what his own name is, we’re not quite sure what prompted the insistence. Maybe Billy was an acceptable name for a 47-year-old, but at 48, he might just need something more distinguished. Watch a video of the event above. (h/t Alternative Nation)