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Stream Wolf Colony’s Ashy Lament, ‘Paradise’

The nameless singer-songwriter will release his debut album in March

New York City-based artist Wolf Colony may be anonymous (working side by side with producer Neal Sarin), we do know this: He’ll be releasing his debut album, Unmasked, on March 3. And even though we’re not aware of who’s behind this mysterious electro-pop crooner’s mask, Wolf Colony’s new single, “Paradise,” reveals ’80s-inspired melodies that pop with shimmering backbeats and shattering hi-hats similar to that of those Ratatat rely on. The track’s opening lines, “All those times I dressed myself in lies / Bathed in your despair / I let you fill my air,” stray far from its chosen title, but the unexpected combination of the song’s bubbly beats and the singer’s sorrowful vocals creates a surprisingly memorable and melancholic harmony. Delve into “Paradise” below.