Tori Amos to Release Rarity-Filled Deluxe Editions of ‘Little Earthquakes’ and ‘Under The Pink’

Tori Amos
(Photo by Photo by Rhino )

Tori Amos revealed on Tuesday that she’ll soon release deluxe editions of her first two albums, Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink, and that the 2-disc sets are going to be jam-packed with rarities and B-sides that she couldn’t include on the original albums. To give folks a taste of the bounty of music the rereleases are going to bring, Amos shared “Take To The Sky,” the B-side to Little Earthquakes’ cut, “Winter.” Listen to her soaring voice and thunderous piano above, and check out the full track list below. Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink will be available on April 14. 

Little Earthquakes
Disc 1: Original Album
2. “Girl”
3. “Silent All These Years”
4. “Precious Things”
5. “Winter”
6. “Happy Phantom”
7. “China”
8. “Leather”
9. “Mother”
10. “Tear In Your Hand”
11. “Me And A Gun”
12. “Little Earthquakes”

Disc 2:
1. “Upside Down (from Silent All These Years single)”
2. “Thoughts (from Silent All These Years single)”
3. “Ode To The Banana King (Part One) (from Silent All These Years single)”
4. “Song For Eric (from Silent All These Years single)”
5. “The Pool (from Winter single)”
6. “Take To The Sky (from Winter single)”
7. “Sweet Dreams (from Winter single)”
8. “Mary (from Crucify single)”
9. “Sugar (from China single)”
10. “Flying Dutchman (from China single)”
11. “Humpty Dumpty (from China single)”
12. “Smells Like Teen Spirit (from Winter single)”
13. “Little Earthquakes (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)”
14. “Crucify (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)”
15. “Precious Things (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)”
16. “Mother (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)”
17. “Happy Phantom (Live) (from Silent All These Years single)”
18. “Here In My Head (from Crucify single)”

Under The Pink (1994)
Disc 1: Original Album
1. “Pretty Good Year”
2. “God”
3. “Bells For Her”
4. “Past The Mission”
5. “Baker Baker”
6. “The Wrong Band”
7. “The Waitress”
8. “Cornflake Girl”
9. “Icicle”
10. “Cloud On My Tongue”
11. “Space Dog”
12. “Yes, Anastasia”

Disc 2:
1. “Sister Janet [from Cornflake Girl single]”
2. “Honey [from Cornflake Girl single]”
3. “Daisy Dead Petals [from Cornflake Girl single]”
4. “Over It [from Cornflake Girl single]”
5. “Black Swan [from Pretty Good Year single]”
6. “Home On the Range (with Cherokee Addition) [from Pretty Good Year single]”
7. “All The Girls Hate Her [from Cornflake Girl single]”
8. “God (The CJ Bollard Remix) [from God 12”]”
9. “Here In My Head [live] [from Past the Mission single]”
10. “Upside Down [live] [from Past the Mission single]”
11. “Past The Mission [live] [from Past the Mission single]”
12. “Icicle [live] [from Past the Mission single]”
13. “Flying Dutchman [live] [from Past the Mission single]”
14. “Winter [live] [from Past the Mission single]”
15. “The Waitress [live] [from Past the Mission single]”


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