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Sonic Youth Are Set To Reissue ‘Bad Moon Rising’ This Spring

Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising Reissue April

As each of the members of Sonic Youth continue to go about their own projects, the band as a whole is also in the midst of a campaign to reissue each of their pre-Geffen Records releases. That program started last year with another re-release of Daydream Nation and a new CD iteration of their Ciccone Youth collaboration with Mike Watt. As Pitchfork notes, the next in line is their 1985 album Bad Moon Rising, which is now set for a CD and LP release on April 15. This new version will feature the extra tracks “Halloween” and “Flower,” previously released on a 12-inch single, as well as “Satan Is Boring” and “Echo Canyon.” According to the band’s website, a CD and LP reissue of EVOL is also due in Spring of this year.