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Rick Rubin Joins Genius to Annotate Lyrics By Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, and More

Rick Rubin

It’s rumored that Rick Rubin is currently in the studio with Justin Bieber working on the follow-up to the pint-sized star’s… well, we’re not sure we care to remember what Bieber’s last album was. In the meantime, though, the multitalented producer has lent a helping hand to the lyrical annotation website Genius, adding notes to songs by songs he’s produced by artists including Kanye West (Yeezus), the Dixie Chicks, and more. Rubin has a very conversational style in his additions, as seen on the below RZA entry:

RZA is just great. He has his own vibe. Cool guy, cool guy. And also into technologies. He had sort of a version of something, where he could manipulate vocals and things that nobody else had. He’s just kind of ahead of his time.

Head over to Genius to see the rest of Rubin’s thoughts on his own tracks, as well as music by artists and bands he admires such as Vampire Weekend (“TK”), James Blake (“I love him all the time”), and more.