Radical Dads Wax Nostalgic for Walkmen, ‘Saved By the Bell’ Visuals in ‘Cassette Brain’ Video

radical dads

Radical Dads will return on February 24 with Universal Coolers, the full-length follow-up to 2013’s Rapid Reality and the lo-fi torchbearers’ third album overall. The trio — which consists of singer-guitarist Lindsay Baker, guitarist Chris Diken, and drummer Robbie Guertin, formerly of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — have already shared one single from the upcoming LP (that would be the hook-filled “Don’t Go”) and now they’ve released a video for another track, “Cassette Brain.” As the title suggests, the clip maintains a throwback (and vaguely melancholic) vibe: Baker walks through a black-and-white world as flashes of color — Crayola-like scribbles of animation, specifically — dance across the screen. Take part in the acid-trip dream world by pressing the play button above, and pre-order Universal Coolers via Old Flame Records.  


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