Kurt Cobain’s Personal Credit Card Will Be Auctioned Off

Kurt Cobain, Credit Card

How much do you like Kurt Cobain? Do you like him enough to spend almost $10,000 for a credit card the Nirvana great once used? A credit card that, might we add, you can’t even buy anything with anymore? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck, and should probably revisit your financial priorities. Auctioneer Paddle8 is putting Cobain’s Seafirst BankCard Visa up for bid as part of its “Legendary: Memorabilia From Rock Gods and Pop Stars” collection. The signed card, which is expected to sell for somewhere between $7,000 and $9,000, expired in February 1995 and appears to have some sort of phone number written on the back of the card. For the price of several months’ rent, it could be yours!

The collection also includes a handwritten U2 setlist from a concert during their War touring days, as well as Frank Sinatra’s 1944 driver’s license. Several rare photographs are also in the collection. Everything is very expensive. The auction ends February 26, so start bidding now.


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