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John Mayer Hosts the ‘Late Late Show,’ Does Surprisingly Great Job

John Mayer

John Mayer — a celebrity most wouldn’t immediately regard as late-night host material — did a shockingly good job hosting the Late Late Show on CBS last night. Pretending to be a substitute teacher, Mayer initially walked onstage with a strapped-in TV set and VHS tape of Predator 2, but instead did some decent stand-up material, spoke to Andy Cohen, interviewed Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime sharks, and performed “Lilac Wine” with John Legend. All the while, Mayer utilized a sense of deadpan humor and good-naturedly poked fun at himself (“When I told my friends I was hosting a show, they all had advice for me, but the one thing none of them said, however, was ‘be yourself'”). Check out the entire episode above, and watch John & John play “Lilac Wine” below.