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Jeff Bridges Promotes Meditation Album By, Uh, Playing a Song From ‘Crazy Heart’ on ‘Conan’

Jeff Bridges, Slash, Conan O'Brien

Jeff Bridges, also known as “The Dude,” is promoting his new mediation album, Sleeping Tapes, from that wonderfully strange Super Bowl ad. Thing is, weird soothing noises don’t make for the best TV. Perhaps that’s why he finished an appearance on Conan by playing a jovial and energetic rendition of “Somebody Else” from the movie Crazy Heart, for which he earned the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2010. After wraping up an interview and an “omming session,” Bridges and Conan O’Brien whipped guitars out from under his desk and the two started to jam. Slash eventually came out from backstage and joined them, because, why wouldn’t he? Watch “Somebody Else” above, or maybe visit the Sleeping Tapes websites if you’d rather relax.