Space Out With Jack Name’s ‘Under the Weird Moons’ Video

Jack Name
(Photo by Photo by Cara Robbins)

It almost makes too much sense that Los Angeles’ Jack Name should be opening tour dates for psych-pop kingpin Ariel Pink — like much of Pink’s back catalog, Name’s music sounds like a fever dream of ’80s-pop radio, hooky and accessible but surreal and wildly disorienting. The video for “Under the Weird Moons,” the awesome quasi-title track from his recently released second LP Weird Moons, is like a classic Peter Gabriel video directed by Jon Spencer: A hypnotically lo-fi interstellar hang, with singing teeth, boogieing Don’t Walk men, and a moon forever shifting in and out of focus. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate visual, really.

Watch the enjoyably head-fogging video above, and make time for the full Weird Moons, out now on Castle Face Records.


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