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Space Out With Jack Name’s ‘Under the Weird Moons’ Video

The clip for the 'Weird Moons' single is a lo-fi voyage out of this world

It almost makes too much sense that Los Angeles’ Jack Name should be opening tour dates for psych-pop kingpin Ariel Pink — like much of Pink’s back catalog, Name’s music sounds like a fever dream of ’80s-pop radio, hooky and accessible but surreal and wildly disorienting. The video for “Under the Weird Moons,” the awesome quasi-title track from his recently released second LP Weird Moons, is like a classic Peter Gabriel video directed by Jon Spencer: A hypnotically lo-fi interstellar hang, with singing teeth, boogieing Don’t Walk men, and a moon forever shifting in and out of focus. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate visual, really.

Watch the enjoyably head-fogging video above, and make time for the full Weird Moons, out now on Castle Face Records.