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Drake Drops Introspective Short Film, ‘Jungle’

It’s been heavily rumored for months now that Drake’s got a new mixtape in the works (some fans even suggest tomorrow), but this morning the superstar rapper himself offered a peek into his world with the short film Jungle, directed by Karim Huu Do and featuring a new score by longtime Drizzy producer Noah “40” Shebib. In typical Drake fashion, Jungle kicks off with an introspective, moody monologue about his feelings on his place in the world. It then jumps into grainy, amateur-shot footage of Toronto and Drake goofing around with his friends.

Keep your eyes peeled for highlights that include a young, bespectacled Drake rapping on home video, snippets of new music (“I was / Running / Through the / Six,” he howls), shots of Drake grumbling about the cold weather, and more. Watch it below, and pray for the So Far Gone follow-up while you’re at it.