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Stream Clarence Clarity’s Sublimely Unsettling Album, ‘No Now’

The bizarro R&B album makes for a confounding but compelling listen

You won’t hear much this year like Clarence Clarity’s debut LP No Now. A 20-track album that could probably be best described as R&B (at least in the sort of synth-pop infused, over-dramatic Autre ne Veut sense), the album contains titles like “Bloodbarf” and “1-800-WORSHIP” and those are the songs that sound the most like singles as well as a handful of Boredoms-like tape experiments spliced throughout. It’s a challenging listen, no doubt, but the production is gorgeous, and rooted enough in Clarity’s penetrating wail and surprisingly song sense of melody, that the collection never stops being more fascinating than alienating. Just maybe don’t listen to it too early in the morning.

Check out No Now below, and get your own copy of the album on March 3, courtesy of Bella Union. If you’re in the U.K., you can also see Clarence on tour, headlining four dates on his own and then opening for soul outfit Jungle.