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Hear Two New Chromatics Songs From Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut

Lost River, Chromatics, New Songs

Lost River, Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, has been getting pretty bad reviews, but the soundtrack seems to be more top-notch. Johnny Jewels of Chromatics was in charge of the film’s music, and included two new Chromatics songs, “Yes (Love Theme From Lost River)” and “Yes (Lullaby From Lost River).” The two songs are quiet, introspective melodies, luring listeners with the faintness of the music and the moody complexity of the synths. Gosling and Jewel also worked together in the past on the critically acclaimed film Drive in 2011.

Jewel explained his work on Lost River in a press release:

When Ryan e-mailed me the script my immediate feeling was that the whole film should be sonically immersed in metal and water. I started sending Ryan music in February of 2013 for his early trips to scout locations. Ryan and I live seven minutes away from one another, so we’d watch the film at his house at night, and then we’d drive over to my house and experiment with musical ideas in my studio (via Pitchfork)

Stream “Yes (Lullaby From Lost River)” above and “Yes (Love Theme From Lost River)” below. 

Correction: According to Chromatic’s management, only “Yes (Love Theme From Lost River)” has been confirmed for the soundtrack.