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Big Sean Asserts ‘One Man Can Change The World’ With Kanye West and John Legend

Big Sean

Big Sean is on the cusp of releasing his new album, Dark Sky Paradise, and to celebrate, he’s dropped two new tracks: “One Man Can Change The World” and “Win Some, Lose Some.” The former is a piano-led piece featuring Sean’s mentor and label honcho Kanye West, as well as G.O.O.D. staple John Legend, both of whom can be heard on the chorus. The latter is a darker cut with R&B upstart Jhené Aiko on the hook while Sean moodily spits about struggling to be everything to everyone (“How am I supposed to have time for everyone I just said? / I don’t even have time for everything in my head”). Listen to “Win Some, Lose Some” above and “One Man Can Change The World” below, and look out for Dark Sky Paradise when it drops on February 24.