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Tyler, the Creator Shows Up on ‘The Eric Andre Show’ to See His ‘Dad’ and Cry

Tyler the Creator Eric Andre Show Father Health Video

Late night talk show deconstructionist Eric Andre’s string of notable musical guests during the third season of his Adult Swim show continued Friday night with the appearance of the similarly minded Odd Future absurdist Tyler, the Creator and the Los Angeles art-punks in HEALTH. Tyler showed up in the early part of the show for an interview segment with Andre wherein he met his estranged “father” (who was actually a creepy looking man crouching in the rafters) and began to weep uncontrollably while the host mooned the crowd. It was a bit that’s just about as absurd as everything else that goes on on the how, but if you were a fan of the Mac DeMarco torture scene a few weeks ago, you might want to catch this up above. Tyler will return to Adult Swim later this week for a “police brutality musical,” which also seems like can’t miss programming. There’s also a trailer for HEALTH‘s performance below, so be sure to watch that as well.