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Taylor Swift Reportedly Trademarks ‘This Sick Beat’ and More ‘1989’ Lyrics

taylor swift

Beware, Etsy sellers trying to make cutesy usage of recent Taylor Swift lyrics: the 1989 singer has just trademarked a slew of phrases from her most recent full-length release, according to newly uncovered legal documentation. No longer will you be able to stamp paper products with “this sick beat”™ or the ever-classic and totally unique, never-before-been-said “Blank Space” lyrics, “Nice to meet you. Where you been?”

Nor, in fact, will little Swift-boats be allowed to make stickers or decals with the super original “Cause we never go out of style”™ or “could show you incredible things.”™ And don’t you dare think for a second about knitting and selling kitchen linens that say “party like it’s 1989,”™ because Swift is the only one who, of course, was born that year and can celebrate events like it’s that particular time.

According to the documents, Swift put her trademarked those phrases two days before 1989 was released, which means one thing: If you comb her Instagram for clues pertaining to her next album, you can get your trademark applications in while you still can!