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Singer/Songwriter Santiparro Looks Inward on ‘The Benefit of Confrontation’

The lovely Will Oldham-featuring track encourages self-awareness

According to his bio, singer/songwriter Santiparro’s name means “The lens that sees many things not usually seen,” a name given to him “during a pilgrimage with a Wixatari (Huichol) family to Wirikuta — the sacred desert where Peyote originates.” Pretty heavy stuff, but luckily new song “The Benefit of Confrontation” is light and lovely enough not to collapse under the weight of Santiparro’s spirituality. With an assist from folk great Will Oldham, “Benefit” is built around acoustic guitar so intimate that you can hear every little scrape over the strings, as Santiparro salutes the value of introspection: “You used to point the blame / But you look in the mirror now…. You used to broadcast hate / But you look in the mirror now.”

Listen to the track below, which will feature on Santiparro’s debut LP True Prayer, out February 24 on Gnome Life Records, and currently available for pre-order.