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Purity Ring Usher in ‘Another Eternity’ With Sophomore Album

Purity Ring, Begin Again, Another Eternity,

Purity Ring have announced Another Eternity, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2012 debut, Shrines. The new album promises a slight departure for Megan James and Corin Roddick: According to a press release, they’re trading the “claustrophobic atmospheres of Shrines for wide-open expanses of sound” on the upcoming LP. These vast soundscapes can be heard in the previously released “Push Pull” and in the just-unleashed “Begin Again,” an intensifying and ominous new track that can be heard above.

Another Eternity also marks the first time James and Roddick have recorded together in person. Whereas their debut was composed remotely, the sequel got them to head back to Edmonton, Alberta, so they could make the album face to face in the “frozen industrial landscapes of their birthplace.” Be on the lookout for the record on March 3.

Another Eternity track list:
1. “Heartsigh”
2. “Bodyache”
3. “Push Pull”
4. “Repetition”
5. “Stranger Than Earth”
6. “Begin Again”
7. “Dust Hymn”
8. “Flood on the Floor”
9. “Sea Castle”
10. “Stillness in Woe”