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OOFJ Offer Sweeping Synth-Pop Single ‘I Forgive You’


Forgiveness never sounded so foreboding as it does in OOFJ‘s “I Forgive You.” The new single — from the Los Angeles synth-pop duo’s upcoming album, Acute Feast — builds a good deal of drama out of its sweeping and darkly cinematic string intro, but then the percolating beat hits, and it sounds main-credits worthy. It’s tied together with the eerie high-pitched lilt of singer Katherine Mills-Rymer, reminiscent of a more serene Beth Gibbons of Portishead, as she moans the ambiguous chorus: “I forgive you / Like I’m supposed to.”

Listen to the new track below, and look out for Acute Feast April 21 on Ring the Alarm / Fake Diamond.