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Rise and Shine With Happy Fangs’ Super-Caffeinated ‘In the Morning’

The garage-rock scorcher is one of 2015's best ways yet to start your day

From the opening notes of its harmonic-laden riff, “In the Morning” bursts through your speakers like the sun suddenly rising through your not-nearly-closed-enough blinds — disruptive as all hell, but bright and cheery enough that it’s hard to get too mad at it. The song, off San Francisco scuzz-rock trio Happy Fangs’ upcoming debut LP, Capricorn, uses righteous guitar crunch and rentlessly chugging drums to combat the haters, with singer Rebecca Bortman asking on the chorus, “In the morning, when you rise / Will you be the swatter, or will you be the fly?” (The song is enthralling enough to make the question a purely rhetorical one, natch.)

“Life will never have its shortage of energy zappers, sleaze monsters, and soul suckers,” explains Bortman. “You choose whether you give them the power.” Take the power back with “In the Morning,” below, and check out all of Capricorn when it’s released January 27, currently available for pre-order on iTunes.