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Watch Future of What’s Aero-Themed ‘Daydream 99’ Video

Future of What

At first, Future of What‘s “Daydream 99” video looks like your average glance up at the sky during Fleet Week. Rows of synchronized jets shoot through the atmosphere, leaving exhaust streams in their wake. And yet a longer look at the trio’s clip — taken from their debut LP, Pro Dreams — reveals much more: Airplane tricks! Multicolored jet streams! Heart-shaped jet streams! A rainbow of jet streams! The video depicts what could easily be a series of stressful mid-air situations (rewatch Top Gun if you have any questions), but the Brooklyn band’s gentle pop strains and frontwoman Blair Gimma’s bell-clear vocals calm our nerves better than popping a Dramamine. In fact, the aero-themed footage is enough to make you want to throw on some goggles and schedule some bucket-list flying lessons.

Watch “Daydream 99” above, and find Pro Dreams on iTunes.