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Fall Out Boy Probably Aren’t the Best Band to Cover ‘Uptown Funk’

But they played Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' chart-topper anyway

Fall Out Boy aren’t terrible. The songs off their upcoming album aren’t great, but the pop-punk foursome are talented musicians, and they tend to be pretty good at what they do. Now, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ No. 1 single, “Uptown Funk,” is not something they do, and they never should have attempted to tackle the retro jam. And yet, in an appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, Patrick Stump and his cohorts tried to channel their jittery angst into Ronson’s smooth tones. The result is the anxious and flaccid cover embedded above. It’s not a total travesty, but look: Sometimes getting a band to cover a song that’s a totally different genre and style works wonders. This is not one of those times. (h/t Stereogum)