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Big Sean Counts His ‘Blessings’ with Drake and Kanye West

Big Sean, Drake, Kanye West, 'Blessings'

Big Sean is bringing out the heavy hitters for the new song from his upcoming Dark Sky Paradise album. Sean’s “All Me” co-rhymer Drake is the guest of honor, chiming in with the song’s hook and second verse, while the surprise attendee is an uncredited appearance from the Detroit rapper’s mentor, Kanye West, on the third and final verse.

Together, the trio confront their demons (Sean: “I done lost homies who was with me since Ed, Edd n Eddy“), back off the haters (Drake: “I think I’m famous enough / I don’t need any more press) and continue to fight the good fight (Kanye: “They want to see me by the road over cardboard / So I go extra hard on the hardfloor”), declaring on the chorus that they still “feel blessed.” It’s all over a tittering beat blanketed by an ominous synth wave, giving the song a curiously foreboding feel amidst the gratitude expressed.

Listen to the new single below.

(h/t Pitchfork)