Ariana Grande Announced as NBA All-Star Game Headline Performer

Ariana Grande, All-Star Game

It’s not the Super Bowl, but halftime at the NBA All-Star Game is probably the second-biggest sports-related performance gig you can land as a popular musician, more for stars still on the ascent than those who have long since reached the pinnacle. This year, the honors go to Ariana Grande, who certainly fits the bill, though it’s always a little quizzical when the performer at the February Classic is someone it’s impossible to imagine any of the performers admitting to listening to. (It also means that we probably have at least one more high-profile Jessie J performance on the books before we can officially close the books on her career. IT’S NEVER OVER.)

Oh well. “Break Free” will probably be cool, and it’s always funny to see The Weeknd show up at one of these things. And if we can figure out a way to integrate Mike Breen’s signature call into “Bang Bang,” all might not be lost.


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