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The ‘South Park’ Holiday Special Starred Iggy Azalea’s Butt and a Hologram Kurt Cobain

South Park, Kurt Cobain, Lorde

South Park ended it’s music-heavy 18th season on Wednesday night with an extravagant holiday extravaganza. The episode continued a season-long plot about Lorde’s true identity and saw TV and music executives attempting to air a big hologram-filled Christmas special while Cartman gave live commentary to keep the #teens interested. Most importantly, it was an opportunity for the show to skewer a bunch of musicians — living and dead.

Among the highlights were Taylor Swift’s uncomfortable duet with Bill Cosby, a hologram Elvis partnering with a snowman made out of Iggy Azalea’s butt, hologram Michael Jackson and Tupac’s run-ins with police, and hologram Kurt Cobain and his festive Christmas gag-shotgun. (“I’m sure this is exactly how Kurt Cobain would like to be remembered,” Cartman deadpans.) Watch the whole episode above.