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Jack Black Kung Fu Fights a Bear, Loses, In New OFF! Music Video

Jack Black, OFF!, Bear, Meet Your God

The bloody conclusion to the ill-fated birthday skydiving party of punk supergroup OFF! frontman Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) is here. In part one of the hardcore odyssey, bassist Steven Shane McDonald (Redd Kross) drops acid and gets sucked into the plane’s propeller, forcing his bandmates and their instructor — an especially manic Jack Black — to leap from the crashing plane. Lost in the wilderness, Dimitri Coats (Burnign Brides) drinks his own piss before he’s decapitated by a bear, all set to the pounding guitar shreds of “Over Our Heads.”

Then, in the new video for “Meet Your God,” the saga continues, as Black and Morris flee the murderous bear. That is, until, Black tries to take on the bear in hand-to-claw combat. It… doesn’t go great. Watch Morris’ attempt to salvage his 57th birthday above, and get caught up on part one below.