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Fan Compiles Massive Nine Inch Nails Bootleg Archive

Nine Inch Nails Live Bootleg Archive Torrent Download

If you didn’t manage to catch Nine Inch Nails on their most recent tour with Soundgarden, well, here’s a bit of good news. Thanks to the efforts of a Trent Reznor megafan, you can now download over a half of a terrabyte’s worth of live bootlegs of the former SPIN cover stars, and all in one tidy torrent. Over at, as points out, you can now snag 527 GB of live recordings that span 900 audio sources and 575 different shows from across the industrial band’s entire career. Obviously, there’s few fans out there with that much space sitting on their computer’s hard drive, so you’re going to need an external (the site’s administrator recommends one with at least 750 free GB). And if you’re unable to put that sort of load on your internet, you can even mail a drive to the site and they’ll put the whole thing on there for you. Of course, if you’re not a completist you can just as easily download the individual shows that you’d like to hear, but this whole thing is great news for any fans out there with the “gotta catch ’em all” mentality. For more details head to