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Miguel Sneaks Out Three ‘Wild’ New Songs Via SoundCloud

December is starting to look more and more like Oscar season for music as well this year. First, J. Cole snuck an album out with barely a couple weeks’ worth of promo (and was rewarded with the best sales of his career for it), then D’Angelo brushed off a 15-year hiatus with a new LP released within 100 hours of its announcement. Now, with the holidays in view on the horizon R&B star Miguel has revealed a surprise of its own.

It’s not quite the much-much-anticipated LP follow-up to 2012’s masterful Kaleidoscope Dream, but it’s the next-best thing: A new three-song EP, dropped without warning (and without an official title, though from the cover we’re making an educated guess that it might be Wild) on the singer/songwriter’s SoundCloud page. It’s a predictably sexy, smoky affair, though it’s far from old hat Kurupt-featuring opener “NWA” betraying a new, almost Spaghetti Western-esque direction for Mr. Pimentel, with its foreboding guitar, minimal percussion and scorched-earth production.

By the time closer “Coffee” reaches its out-of-nowhere (and purposefully unsatisfying) ending, less than ten minutes into the EP, you’ll be chomping at the bit for the full album. Whether Miguel releases his third LP via a six-month rollout or a two-second Twitter delay, if he doesn’t get that thing out there in 2015, he’s gonna have some ‘splainin to do. Listen to the three-song set below.