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Hear Lou Reed Get Introduced to the Ramones’ Music in 1975

Lou Reed, The Ramones

Legendary rock publicist Danny Fields is the subject of a new documentary titled Danny Says, directed by Brendan Toller (I Need That Record!). Fields, who a New York Times article describes as “the man who introduced Jim Morrison to Nico, Iggy Pop to the world, and cocaine to Iggy Pop,” also famously introduced Lou Reed to the Ramones, a remarkable moment that is captured in the new film.

Playing a Ramones tape for Reed in November 1975, Fields heard the Velvet Underground frontman exclaim that the Ramones are “without a doubt the most fantastic thing you’ve ever played me bar none. I mean, it makes everybody look so —- and wimpy, Patti Smith and me included. Everybody else looks like they’re really old-fashioned. That’s rock ‘n’ roll. They really hit where it hurts. They are everything everybody worried about — every parent would freeze in their tracks if they heard this stuff.”

You can hear the recording in full over at the New York Times, and look out for Danny Says, which Toller hopes to screen at SXSW next year.