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Stream Laurel’s Ethereal ‘Holy Water’ EP

Laurel, Holy Water, Premiere

The most striking aspect of the Holy Water EP — the second such release from emerging pop talent Laurel — is the London singer’s vocals. They pierce through the atmospheric, orchestral R&B grooves of the four songs and wrap around themselves, coming at the listener from all directions — sometimes hushed, sometimes blaring, usually in gorgeous self-harmony. (That said, the highlight on this short-player is the breathy “Come Together,” an actual duet with fellow British singer-songwriter Sivu.)

As writer, singer, and producer of the mini-record, it makes sense that the 20-year-old’s vocals are given so much care. But their sense of texture is what really makes Laurel stand out from similarly cinematic peers like Banks and Florence Welch, and would be impressive for anyone, let alone someone who needs to stay on her side of the pond to be able to drink legally.

Stream the EP, which is out today on Next Time Records, below.