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Listen to Lana Del Rey’s Dreary New ‘Big Eyes’ Tracks

Lana Del Rey, Big Eyes, Tim Burton, I Can Fly

Lana Del Reys’ introspective music is a natural fit for director Tim Burton’s signature strangeness, and now full versions of the two songs that the Ultraviolence singer wrote for Burton’s new movie Big Eyes have made their way online.

The film, which comes out on Christmas Day, tells the story of the American artist Margaret Keane, whose husband took credit for her celebrated paintings of big-eyed children. Del Rey’s titular song encapsulates the movies’ themes well: the melancholy and slightly creepy track will play during the middle of the film, and speaks to entrapment and stolen opportunity, while the somewhat more hopeful “I Can Fly” will roll during the end credits. 

The Weinstein Company, which produced the film, plans to push one of the songs come Oscar season, though reports claim they’re not sure which one yet. Listen to both below. 

“Big Eyes”

“I Can Fly”